Task Manager with optional Time Tracking
Tracking All Work Done in Your Business, Every Single Day
Integrated Messaging App
Tightly integrated with all modules incl. Tasks and Files
Formal Internal Conversations
Instead of
Email Overload, Lost Messages
Your Corporate University
New Hires,
Project Teams,
Clients, Partners
for your
Entire Company
Wired with BOTs that Make Work Super-Efficient!
All Your Docs and Files in One Place
Easily Accessible from a Single, Secure Cloud Repository
Social Embedded in Work Processes
Communication, Collaboration and Info Discovery wired everywhere.
Employee Performance Milestones
Instead of
Status Meetings, Painful Performance Appraisals
All Your Organizational Knowledge
at a Single
Instead of
Data Silo-ed in Multiple Tools and Repositories
Roll out Ekamcloud. Go from Good to GREAT! Interact with the Cube to learn more.

Run a
21st Century
Digital Enterprise!

Flat$ 60.00/month

Unlimited Users, No Per-User Charges

No Infrastructure to Deploy or Manage

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Is your business Digital? We transform your SME business into a 21st Century Digital Enterprise with zero disruption and maximum impact. That’s our promise with Ekamcloud.

You stay connected with your business wherever you are

When you roll out Ekamcloud, you are in control. As a CEO/business leader, you carry your complete office on your phone and connect seamlessly with your business from wherever you are.

You get a better handle on your projects and operations

Everything that happens in your business is in one single place. You do not need to look elsewhere. Project Teams, Departments, Management Teams, Teams Working from Multiple Time-Zones, Branch Locations, Remote Workers, Field Staff: You know where they are with respect to their work and have complete operational visibility about your business at all times.

Deliver a Great Employee Experience

You give your employees a single, easy-to-use and coherent system that gets most of their work done.

You make it easy for them to find information and files. And help them collaborate in the course of their workflow.

You liberate them from email overload. They attend fewer internal meetings. And you give them visibility for the work they accomplish every day.

And Collaborate with
Your Clients and

Optionally, you can bring your clients and partners in to Ekamcloud and collaborate with them on specific projects. And even get them up to speed on your products and services through the embedded University.

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