You employ people in your organization, to get work done.

Tasks, which every person you employ performs to get work done, are at the core of your business.

Streamlined communication and collaboration, quickly finding people and information, ongoing learning and development, all are key to getting the best out of people when they perform their Tasks.

With Ekamcloud, you get a 21st century Digital Platform that makes these happen and keeps you on top of your business, wherever you are.

Instead of sending email, I assign tasks and know exactly what the status of each of those tasks is.


I stay connected with my business wherever I am. I know who is doing what and what tasks are waiting for them to start.


I do not have to constantly ask for updates on progress. Everything is there on Ekamcloud.


With Ekamcloud, we are moving from being a hierarchical organization to a relatively flat structure. As a CEO, I can literally see how each of my employees is contributing to my business.

I’m a Project Manager. I can manage lots more projects than before because Ekamcloud proactively does a lot of work which I used to do earlier.

I work with my team in India, they’re around 9+ hours ahead of me. I interact with them way more often with Ekamcloud. It used to be weekly status calls earlier. Now, I know exactly what they’re doing and advise course-corrections when needed.

My team works from multiple time-zones. Ekamcloud contextually tells me what time it is for a team member and helps me choose the right channel to communicate with that person. If my colleague has left for the day, I know when to expect her back at work, and by relating with my own time-zone.


We had an Enterprise Social Network rolled out earlier for collaboration. Unfortunately, nobody went there after the initial blitz and lots of licensing and training costs. With Ekamcloud, we can communicate and collaborate in the course of our work.

My email is less than 10% of what it used to be earlier. All I get there these days, are messages from outside my organization. All internal communication is on Ekamcloud, either through its chat-based workspace or through its internal conversations for more formal stuff. And no more using email for typical task assignments.

I love the way I can find the latest version of a document or a file on Ekamlcloud. No more searching in my email for that.

I love the Search on Ekamcloud. First of all, it’s blazing fast. And the Assisted Search helps me find precisely the information I’m looking for whether on my desktop or on the phone.

I stumble upon lot of useful stuff during my workday, whilst doing research on the internet. Earlier I used to email the links to a couple of my colleagues and that was it. But now, with Ekamcloud, I have a bookmark-let on my browser which allows me to post that page directly to my central knowledgebase on Ekamcloud. A lot of us have been doing this and we now have a very valuable knowledgebase in the cloud.


In most applications, I have to know where a feature or function is so that I can use it. In the case of Ekamcloud, I can easily locate everything I need wherever I’m on Ekamcloud. Sometimes, I see that the same function is available in close to 10 places, now I know why it makes my life easier, without ever realizing how they have managed to do it.

With Ekamcloud, my eyes are always focused on the center of the screen. Almost everything happens there. Very clean UI. I do not have to keep dividing my attention across the entire screen real estate, as is the case in most applications.

I work in Human Resources. Among many things I like on Ekamcloud, I love the ability to assign the same task to multiple people, to be independently executed. We use it whenever we have to get people fill up some of the statutory forms or update some details individually.

I’m an HR Manager. Now our entire company communicates on Ekamcloud!


We do a lot of time-and-material jobs. Ekamcloud auto-generates time-sheets as we update progress with the tasks. It’s amazing how much less time we spend these days getting our timesheets ready for billing our clients.

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